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Two Senior merging 10 children, 20 grandchildren and 5 Great living out their youth traveling around the world.. We are called the baby boomers born in the 50's and 60's when life was simple. When kids played baseball, hockey, football, went to sock hops and the soda shop. If you were lucky your family had a black and white TV, a party line phone, and one car to go to the movies. The teenagers would hang out at the soda shop, go skating at the skating rink or go to the dances at the dance hall in town. On weekends some of the families would get together at the Grandparents home, helping grandmother and grandfather on the farm with their crops or live stock.

Today Bobby and I travel to see our grandchildren in Canada and USA,because both parents work and its easier for the grandparents to go to the childrens homes. We have children all over North America and we no longer travel in our RV to see all the children and grandchilren, do to Dad's back. We now have a Home in Sasasota Florida at Sun-N-Fun .We still travel to find 50's and 60's concerts in and around Florida and Niagara Falls where we live in the Summer.. We are big fans of the 50's and 60's groups. Over the last few years we like to cruise with Norweigan, you will see lots of pages on places we have been in the world. I hope you enjoy the site and return often to see any additions.

Doug and Leah

Greg,Elizabeth, Friend, Evan and Emily

Evan and Emily

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Grandma Finch and Butch Gingers Brother


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Ben and Dawn

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