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Bobby at age 8
Robert John Monette
April 7 1946



In 1960 we moved away. I was 14 years old, but I continued returning on weekends to all the Cedarview and Gyro Club dances. I still had a crush on Valerie, but that would soon come to an end when we moved to our grandmother's house in Outremont (Montreal). I didn't know why we moved, but later I would learn my father was broke from drinking. From this point, I never went to go to school anymore. They tried putting me in Outremont (Montreal) High School. My grandmother knew the principal. I’d get strapped weekly for not understanding the schoolwork in Grade 8. I never learned to read or write until 1992, when Nikki and Katrina were born. I was dyslexic.

Outremont was in a very Jewish district. I would learn to use that to my advance in making money. I would work odd jobs in the area. I did learn some Hebrew. On Friday nights, I went to people's homes to turn on or off lights, gas and even flush toilets because of the Jewish faith. It is virtually unanimous among halachic authorities that one should not flush such a toilet on Shabbat. Doing so might violate tzoveiah, the prohibition against colouring a substance or item on Shabbat. I also worked as an Usher at The Rialto Theatre. It’s now designated as a National Historic Site of Canada. I also got into trouble in this area, becoming a con and stealing to survive. I did end up in Juvenile detention for joyriding in a stolen car. In the early ’60s, General Motors' ignition switches didn’t lock, making it easy to steal. It was March 1961 in Montreal, with massive snow on the roads and massive snow banks. A friend and I picked up a new Chevy on Decarie Blvd and headed north to St Eustache to show our friends. We cross over the back river bridge in Chomedy when police gave chase at high speeds on snow-covered roads. They were right on my ass when I turned the wheel to the left and drove into a snow bank that had a 3-foot wall. We jump out, running and hiding in a church for hours. When we exited the church, the police were waiting for us.
We were held in Juvenile detention for a week and released to my mother and uncle. 

To this day, I don’t understand my actions. Unfortunately, things would get worse.

In 1961 our mother finally got rid of Jack. He was a sick man. He was banging a girl named Joan. Mother moved around. We when to ParkX in Montreal on Bloomfield St., just north of Jarry St West. I don’t remember much here, either. My brother tells me I was never home or going to school.

In 1962
We lived on St Kevin Street, Cote-de-Neige area. Here I tried school again. Northmount High. The School was 95% Jewish. They put me in grade 10 practical class. We called it the Boo-boo class. There were about 20 of us. We Called it Bobo class, but if you were not in that class and called us bobo, you got the shit kicked out of you. Teachers didn’t care if we showed up to class.
So,I learn to shoot Snooker, Pool, shuffleboard and Bowl in this area. Each one of these activities leads to me making or hustling money.
On Barclay and Cote-de-Neige, there was a bowling alley and pool hall. I was a pin boy there after school.
They would let me play snooker for free. I got very good at it. So I would hustle kids by spotting 25 or 30 points a game. Sometimes I’d let them win the get the bet up.  Most of my time was spent at the Barclay pool room. School, I’d show up to class in the morning. Didn’t need a note anymore. Teachers didn’t care.
They were teaching grade 5 material. I knew grade 5 because I had spent two years in the same grade in St Eustache. I was good in some subjects, Math, History, and geography. To this day, my favourite subjects.


I’m 15, my mother remarries, and we move to Decaire blvd in Snowden. I work at Bechtel Corp on Pare St in the printing department. I stayed with Bechtel for five years but still hustled all the engineers there. I’d print up Hockey pool tickets leaving the last 10 mins off the tickets. The tickets were based on the time of the last goal that was scored. If you had that number, you would win. ( Most goals are scored after the 10-minute mark in a period). No one ever wins big money. I would pocket that money. Tickets were printed on Bechtel equipment on their overtime. I made money charging Bechtel overtime. OH!! Over time I clocked a lot of that to get my paycheck up. Timesheets we based on the honour system. I didn’t have much of that at the time.
With the money, I got nice clothes and started going to Huntingdon, where my Aunt and Uncle lived. Most of the time, I hitchhike there on Friday, and sometimes my uncle would pick me up and let me drive. The only problem with My Uncle Gordie, we stopped in every town for a beer, coke and made me play and hustle people on shuffleboard they had in bars. 


I found this Pinball Machine in Idaho


Huntingdon (Powerscourt) Quebec
After getting in trouble in Montreal stealing cars, My Uncle and Aunt took me in to live in Powerscourt. Huntingdon becaume one of the best times in my life. 1961 to 1969 when I got married.