Travels thru Florida, The Sunshine State

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Capital:  Tallahassee
Statehood:  March 3, 1845
Became the 27th state
Flower:  Orange Blossom
State Bird: Mockingbird
State Song: Swanee River
Official Gem Stone:  Moonstone
Largest Lake:  Lake Okeechobee

Arizona/Grand Canyon
California/Redwood Forest
Colorado/Caves of the Winds
Louisiana/New Orleans
New Mexico/Art Galleries
Nevada/Las Vegas
Washington State/Seattle

Bobby trying to in press the girls at the beach. 
What a man!!

Orlando, and Surrounding Areas
Our home until we left for summer vacation May 24.  Katie and I enjoying a day at Disney. Yes Dad will cook sometimes. Nikki and Katie getting ready to parasail. Parasailing over one of the lakes in Kississimee. Of course the mini at the campsite we stayed at before we left for vacation. At the beach in the Panhandle. Our first stop on our trip was what everyone in Florida calls the Panhandle. The northern top of Florida going west. This would be the last time this year we would see the beaches and sun of  Florida. We were headed to our new home in Napanee Ontario, Canada.