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Yes, its hard to believe Venezia Italy has a beach but, you have to take a boat to Lido Island Beach by the Mediterranean Sea to get to the beach. Beautiful town and beautiful beach. A huge public beach with lawn chairs (to rent) and restrooms to shower when your done. The girls had a good time on the beach and were amazed some of the ladies were topless. We explained to them it was a common thing to do in Europe. Talking about Europe there are lots of things North American could take lesson's on and learn from Europe. But I'm not going to go there, I want to show you our vacation with our grandchildren and how much fun we had. This page has pictures of our day at the beach and some other things we did while we were in Venezia. There were a lot of Islands around Venice, so I would like to go back and visit some of the other Islands I didn't get a chance to visit. So, Chow for now and enjoy.




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