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Paul Revere, madman of rock & roll
started the Raiders back in 1958 in Idaho. He has the talent for pleasing an audience with his style of entertainment and his knack for finding awesome talent to keep his group a top entertaining act year after year.

Todays qroup consists of founding member Paul Revere, Doug Heath (group’s lead guitarist for over 35 years), Ron Foos (bassist for over 35 years), Danny Krause (keyboardist for over 28 years), Darren Dowler (lead vocalist and Vocal Group Hall of Fame inductee) and Tommy Scheckel (drummer and newest member).

A few of the highlights of Paul Revere's outstanding career are:

  1. Paul Revere and the Raiders were the first rock group to be signed with Columbia Records with the 1963 recording of “Louie Louie”.
  2. In 1965-1966 Paul Revere and the Raiders were featured on the ABC TV five-day-a-week network show "Where the Action Is" produced by Dick Clark.
  3. Paul Revere and the Raiders appeared on 520 episodes of "Where the Action Is" a network TV show on ABC.
  4. In 1968 & 1969 Paul Revere co-hosted a weekly ABC TV series, "Happening"
    produced by Dick Clark.

In 1971 Paul Revere rode across America three times stopping at raido stations promoting the Raiders recording of “Indian reservation”, which went to #1 on the national charts and has sold over 4 million singles. During their earlier career Paul Revere and the Raiders had 23 consecutive hit singles!

Some of the Raiders Songs:
Indian Reservation Kicks
Just Like Me Hungry
Steppin' Out Good Thing
Ups and Downs Him or Me - Whats it Gonna Be?
Stepping Stone Louie, Louie
Let Me Mr. Sun, Mr. Moon
Birds of a Feather The Great Airplane Strike
Like Long Hair I Had a Dream


Madman of Rock & Roll


Concerts At Sea
2013 Cruise




Today, Paul Revere & The Raiders are the promoters of Concerts At Sea. In 2013 Concerts At Sea will celebrate their 20th anniversary with a 10 day cruise in the Caribbean. Also, Paul Revere and The Raiders pay tribute to our War Veterans. If it wasn't for our War Veterans we would not be a free country today.

Pictures of previous Cruises
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