Our Beautiful Home on
River Road, Napanee


In 2002 my husband found a beautiful property in Napanee Ontario for us to build on and move our family to. So, we hired a contractor and commenced building our beautiful home. We moved into our home in July of 2003 and could not wait to fix-up the grounds with beautiful gardens. We ended up with over 28 flower gardens, four vegetable gardens and a mini golf course.

We had 32 acres of wilderness, deer, fox, wild turkeys, phesants, turtles, otters, wolfs, swans, plus the usual wild life and beautiful birds everywhere. It was like having your own private zoo. Everyday you could walk out the door and be surprised on what you would see.

Because of one neighbor whom did not like us inproving our property and hurrioused us everyday while we lived there, we moved from our beautiful home in 2008, into town.

I do miss our beautiful home but, I hope the people that purchased our property are enjoying their home now.

I have added a photo video for you to enjoy the home we built and the gradens we added to the grounds.