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New Mexico | Route 66 | Venezia Italy 2013 | Lido Beach Italy 2013 |

One of the nicest places in the world to visit. Great food, nice people and a beautiful countryside. The girls ate the best in Italy and because there is no age limit for drinking wine, they got to have a glass of wine with dinner. Rom was our first stop in Italy with its very old buildings and the Vatican, (city inside a city). The Vatican is its own city in Roma. We stayed in Rome for five days and took a train ride to Venezia. Lots to see in Rome, will have to go back again. Venezia is totally different from Roma, lots of alley ways and boats. The only transportation on Venice is via boat to other islands. We had a great time in Venezia, went to the beach off Lido Island and went to some of the other islands around Venezia.

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